Discover “THE” Solution for Meal Replacement: PRODIET® Fluid

The market of weight management is expected to grow in the coming years1. With slimming products increasingly taking up more space on supermarket shelves, manufacturers need to innovate for consumers who expect new products frequently. Ingredia’s PRODIET® Fluid is a unique ingredient that provides a solution for meal replacement with the characteristics that consumers yearn: a pleasant taste, a fluid texture, and good nutritional quality from micellar casein, all in a convenient format.

High-protein products are not just for body-builders anymore! The demand for convenient ready-to-drink products that can be taken “on-the-go” is going mainstream and growing. Consumer are increasingly looking for solutions to help them lead a healthy lifestyle while reducing meal times to fit their busy schedules; meal replacements can fulfill this need.

PRODIET® Fluid is native micellar casein which contains more than 87% protein on dry matter. It has a delicious milky taste and a high nutritional profile (rich in BCAA* and in leucine). This unique micellar casein combines functional and nutritional qualities; it provides an excellent base for the development of a meal replacement with a high protein content while maintaining incredible fluidity, smooth texture and milky taste. After UHT treatment, PRODIET® Fluid remains perfectly fluid, allowing brands to develop an industry-leading ready-to-drink product.


1 Euromonitor – 2016

*BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acid)