22 June 2017

    High protein formulations and targeted, highly functional ingredients continue to be a global trend. Ingredia, a leading producer of dairy ingredients, continues to innovate to meet these market demands.

    The high protein fermented beverage innovation has a simple formula of four ingredients:  skim milk, sugar, PROMILK® 600A, and flavor. At the show, we will be showcasing coffee and mixed berry flavors.  In an 8oz. serving, Ingredia achieves 23g of protein with only 0.7g of fat. The fluid texture and creamy, mouthfeel is achieved by Ingredia’s highly functional PROMILK® 600A.

    The high protein Oatmeal innovation offers the ideal combination of whole grains and high protein that meets the demand of the food and nutrition markets. Different from current products on the market, Ingredia’s innovation contains PRODIETTM 85B Instant, a real micellar casein which will keep consumers full fuller longer.  By having 10g per 62g serving of  micellar casein as the protein source, the formulation maximizes health benefits with micellar casein’s seven hour, slow digesting period and extended amino acid release.

    The Prodiet Lactoferrin chewing gum promotes good oral health and limits dental plaque growth.  Lactoferrin, a naturally occurring glycoprotein helps the body fight against infections.  Our Prodiet Lactoferrin comes directly from the milk and is non-denatured. In its non-denatured form, our Lactoferrin can inhibit the growth of bacteria responsible for plaque formation. Each piece of chewing gum contains 100mg of Prodiet Lactoferrin and it is recommended to chew two pieces daily.

    Join us booth #2092 at IFT in Las Vegas, June 26th – 28th to sample some products featuring our functional ingredients in a variety of applications: from high protein oatmeal and clean label high protein fermented beverage to Lactoferrin gum for oral health.

  • Innovative RTD concept featuring PRODIET® ingredients, stand F12 at Vitafoods May 9-11th

    5 May 2017

    Nutrition plays a key role in improving the therapeutic management of patients. In 2012, the size of the global population over age 65 was 577 million, up by 12% since 2007. By 2017, 20 countries will see the mean age of the population rise to over 40 years old, led by Japan, Germany and Italy (Euromonitor). As an actor in the food industry, Ingredia has a role in improving the well-being of this population. The night fasting of the elderly can aggravate the malnourished status. Through a night-time high protein drink concept containing PRODIET® Fluid (micellar casein) and PRODIET® HYDROLYSATE S 25, Ingredia continues to innovate to fight against malnutrition.

    If the patient lacks protein, depletion in protein is responsible of the complication of malnutrition. Ingredia’s focus is on improving the well-being of the elderly by studying the functionality and nutritional benefits of milk proteins, and more specifically, micellar casein. According to regulation (EU) n° 432/2012 “Protein contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass”. This nutritional benefit is very important. In Europe, the overall prevalence of sarcopenia, which affects up to 20% of European seniors, may increase 63% by 2045, according to the International Osteoporosis Foundation.

    PRODIET® Fluid and PRODIET® Hydrolysate S 25 are two innovative ingredients developed by Ingredia. These two products have been specifically developed for the nutrition market – a market where nutritional benefits are as important as functional benefits. The combination of these two proteins in a ready-to-drink beverage concept creates a new innovative solution for the Nutrition market and more specifically against night fasting period of the elderly.

    A few words about these two ingredients:

    – PRODIET® Hydrolysate S 25 is a whey protein hydrolysate with a hydrolysis degree of 25%. Milk Protein Hydrolysates optimize amino acids bioavailability and are suitable for muscle growth. PRODIET® Hydrolysate S 25 will trigger muscle synthesis in the elderly, thanks to the high content of leucine and its fast assimilation.

    – PRODIET® Fluid is native micellar casein which contains more than 87% protein on dry matter. This unique micellar casein has been specifically developed to formulate very high protein beverages while retaining perfect fluidity. PRODIET® Fluid has a high nutritional quality (rich in Branched Chain Amino Acids and in leucine) and is UHT stable. This PRODIET® Fluid will allow enriching in protein, with still a good texture and a good taste, for a better compliance. In addition, micellar caseins are slowly digested proteins, up to 7 hours after ingestion. This makes it efficient to reduce night fasting period thanks to the slow amino acid release.

    This innovative combination of a hydrolysate and micellar casein will helps to reduce the malnutrition of the elderly during the night.

  • Fresh dairy products at FI China, 24-26 March

    2 February 2017

    At the FIC exhibition, Ingredia will present its functional proteins for fresh dairy products and cheese.

    To meet the trend of high protein yoghurt, Ingredia has expanded its protein range with PROMILK® 600 A.
    Dedicated to Greek style yoghurts, PROMILK® 600 A brings a very creamy texture to yoghurts to create an indulgent experience for the consumer. Moreover, PROMILK® 600 A can easily be used as a fat replacer in healthy products.

    PROMILK® SH 20 is a highly functional protein particularly suitable for fresh cheese, but also semi-hard and soft cheese. Combined with a very innovative technology, PROMILK® SH 20 enables a wide variety of textures from creamy and soft to firm. Easy to use with a sustainable process, PROMILK® SH 20 is the perfect milk protein to develop cheese markets.
    In the growing market of processed cheese, Ingredia has developed functional proteins that enhance the texture and the spreadability of the finished products.

    Come and experience our latest innovations at FI China Booth 51Y72.

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  • HIE Francfort

    5 December 2016

    Ingredia at Health Ingredients Europe

    You discovered… or missed our concept of meal replacement with PRODIET® Fluid.
    This native micellar casein contains more than 87% protein on dry matter. PRODIET® Fluid has a delicious milky taste and high nutritional quality (rich in BCAA and in leucine). This unique micellar casein combines technical and nutritional functionalities.

  • Join Ingredia at the 9th protein Summit in Lille during Bridge2Food

    11 August 2016


    Ingredia is proud to partner with Bridge2Food’s 9th Protein Summit 2016 on 19 – 21st September in Lille, France.
    Ingredia supports its dynamic growth by continued investments in cutting-edge industrial facilities and scientific research and innovation. For 25 minutes, Ingredia’s experts will share results of our new micellar casein studies.
    While learning new information about micellar casein, come discover a new meal replacement concept made with our unique protein: PRODIET Fluid.

  • FIA China

    11 June 2016

    Discover PRODIET® 85 B Instant on the FIAC in Shanghai

    Ingredia develops PRODIET® 85 B Instant, naturally rich in micellar casein (92%) and in micellar calcium, this protein is extracted by membrane filtration which is a non-denaturing process and contains more than 85% of protein on dry matter.
    Micellar casein is a slow digested protein and promotes muscle synthesis for efficient muscle preservation.

    Visit our booth E5D21 at the FIAC Shanghai and discover our concept with a pleasant milky taste that has a nutritional composition suitable for the elderly.

  • Vitafoods 2016

    2 May 2016

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    Ingredia Functional highlighted its innovative dairy ingredients for Nutrition markets at Vitafoods Europe exhibition.
    PRODIET® 90: our nutritional protein to develop high-protein products with reduced-lactose.



  • Ingredia at FIE Paris

    19 November 2015

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    You have discovered on Food Ingredients Europe Paris our innovative solutions:
    From functional proteins to dairy powders, Ingredia answers to its customers’ expectations on many different markets.

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    Press release FIE 2015_GB


  • 7 October 2015


    Better life with Ingredia’s milk proteins

    The elderly population is growing and the age-related diseases are plentiful: osteoporosis, sarcopenia… It’s essential to offer solutions to these specific needs. Food has a role in the prevention and treatment of some of these diseases related to age.
    In the prevention of sarcopenia, increased milk protein intake is a major role in muscle synthesis. More specifically, micellar casein is slow digested protein so it enables good muscle recovery.

    Our native micellar caseins PRODIET Fluid can meet the very specific needs of the aging people.
    To answer clinical nutrition expectations, PRODIET Fluid enables to formulate dedicated end-products like beverages with up to 14% of protein while still being fluid and pleasant tasting. The beverage combines: functionality (low viscosity), excellent nutritional profile (rich in BCAA and leucine) and sensory qualities (pleasant taste). These three qualities offer solutions to improve the quality of life of the aging people.
    Dr. Hervé Gasnier is a keynote speaker at the 4th Healthy Ageing 2015, 29 & 30 October in Amsterdam « Bridging the gap and addressing quality of life with proteins ».

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  • 1 July 2015


    US source of dairy ingredients for Food & Nutrition industries!

    To promote our partnership with Cayuga and the new supply of US-origin dairy ingredients, Ingredia presented solutions in line with some of the main trends spotted on the North American market.

    PROMILK® range offers solutions that meet these needs.

    Highly functional proteins for cream cheese…

    Cream cheese and cheesecake production are a fast growing market in USA. Besides, mini cheesecake is a top dessert trend in the US1.

    Taste a delicious cheesecake made with highly functional proteins. PROMILK® 852A and PROMILK® CC07 are designed for the manufacturing of traditional cream cheese with technology without whey separation. PROMILK® 852A has a high protein and calcium level and an ideal nutritional profile. This protein is used to produce the quark-based of cream cheese.
    Also, PROMILK® CC07 is a functional milk ingredient with excellent rehydration properties; it brings a dairy and fresh taste to the cream cheese.

    … and for cultured dairy products: low fat Greek yogurt dip

    In the USA, Greek-style yogurt has become a VIP: Very Important Product! with a current trend for low fat Greek-style yogurt. Consumers are looking for healthier yogurts. Ingredia developed an outstanding solution for low fat Greek-style yogurt dip with PROMILK® LA01: texture improvement, 100% yield…

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  • 4 May 2015


    Outstanding proteins for indulgent high-protein beverages & puddings.
    Smoothness, fluidity, good taste & nutritional efficiency in your high-protein formulations.

    We developed highly functional & technical milk proteins dedicated to nutrition markets with outstanding features: Prodiet Fluid for high-protein beverages and Prodiet Advance for high-protein puddings.

    – Prodiet Fluid increased fluidity makes it particularly suitable for beverages. It enables high-protein drink up to 14% content with incredible fluidity. With Prodiet Fluid you can reach high-protein content while providing fluidity and good taste.

    – Prodiet Advance is an ideal protein for pudding formulation. It enables high-protein pudding up to 12% content while providing smoothness, creaminess & nice milky taste.

    Thanks to those unique ingredients, you can combine technological and nutritional functionalities in indulgent & efficient products suitable for Clinical, dietetic & sports markets.

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