PRODIET® Fluid the star milk protein of 2016

In 2016, PRODIET® Fluid raised the bar for innovation:
It was featured in a 14% very high protein natural beverage at SSW in Las Vegas and then in a 12% protein meal replacement at HIE Frankfurt.
Look back on 2016’s novel innovations: …
Ready-to-drink beverages continue to be trendy and Ingredia is on the forefront of innovation. 2016 was synonymous with novelty with two new concepts presented at trade shows around the world:
Natural drink rich in protein, 35g in 250ml (SSW – Las Vegas)
-Very high protein meal replacement that contains 30g of protein in 250ml (HIE- Frankfurt).

These two concepts have been developed with a unique protein: PRODIET® Fluid. This milk protein, a native micellar casein, allows developing drinks very high in protein with good fluidity and a pleasant dairy taste. The very good nutritional profile of PRODIET® Fluid, rich in BCAA and highly bio available micellar calcium, makes it specifically adapted for the nutrition market, sport, clinical and weight management.