The trend of high-protein yogurt

The market of yogurt is driven today by the boom of Greek Yogurts which are characterized by astrong amount of protein and a low fat content.

The challenge is to keep a creamy and smooth texture in mouth.
The traditional process to reach this target consists in a draining step to eliminate acid whey which implies a loss of matter and additional costs.

Our solutions:

PROMILK® 600 A is a specific processed milk protein:
Its 100% dairy origin makes its use completely adapted to yogurts formulation. But above all, its unique functional properties enable reaching high amount of protein in the end product, without whey separation and with no modification of the industrial process.

Ingredia Functional developed two recipes:
–          Greek style yogurt (10% protein; 0% fat),
–          7% protein drinking yogurt with a soft liquid texture.

PROMILK® LA01 is a milk protein specifically developed for the technology without separation for fresh dairy products:
Thanks to its excellent texturing capacities, this ingredient can be used in yogurt technology to obtain a drier product with high consistency, very close to traditional drained yogurts. The composition of the product is also similar than a traditionally-made Greek yogurt.

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