To align with the spirit of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, Ingredia launches its concept for elite athletes.


Top-level athletes put their bodies to a severe test, and to cope with all these demands, their bodies need a higher nutritional intake than non-sporting adults.

There are two main types of sport: resistance sports and endurance sports. In simple terms, resistance sports correspond to very intense efforts of less than 3 minutes, while endurance sports are equivalent to more moderate but prolonged efforts (over 3 minutes).

In both types of sport, top athletes need around 2 times more protein intake than a standard adult1-2.

These intakes are often required at very specific times: before exercise to trigger muscle synthesis, during exercise to maintain muscle synthesis and limit catabolism, or after exercise to rebuild muscle and promote recovery.

It is therefore essential for them to find products that meet their expectations.


That’s why Ingredia created its RAISE UP shake concept to meet the needs of athletes!

RAISE UP consists of our new product PRODIET HYDROLYSATE® B 40.

PRODIET HYDROLYSATE® B 40 is a native micellar casein hydrolysate with a high degree of hydrolysis of 40%.

First and foremost, our hydrolysate promotes a rapid reaction in muscle synthesis. This is due to its naturally enriched composition of tripeptides, dipeptides and free amino acids, facilitating rapid absorption. As a concentrated source of essential amino acids (EAA) and branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), it induces a leucine peak. These two aspects work together to rapidly trigger muscle synthesis.

Secondly, as a casein hydrolysate, it provides a prolonged supply of EAA and BCAA, helping to maintain muscle synthesis, limit catabolism and promote recovery.

This new ingredient is a real asset for top-level athletes!


With RAISE UP, we offer you an innovative concept, beneficial for athletes and delicious thanks to PRODIET® 85, a milk protein isolate we’ve incorporated for its milky taste. Usually, hydrolysates are known for their bitterness, but thanks to our concept, we’ve managed to eliminate it!

1Rousseau and al., 2006

2Walberg and al., 1988


In 2024, with Raise up

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