The right texture in food products is crucial for food companies, as it directly impacts the taste, the overall quality and consumer satisfaction of their products. Texture plays a major role in the sensory experience of food.

Do you think that it is possible to develop a skyr with a mousse texture additive-free?

Let’s discover the clean label skyr mousse with all the skyr health benefits:

  • rich in protein 10g (per 100g),
  • fat-free while bringing a unique delicate and airy mousse texture like a cloud!

Thanks to its super powers: high water binding and texturizing capacities, our functional protein Promilk®  B Max maximizes the texture, brings perfect real foamy texture gelatin-free.  It gives also a good dairy taste for a maximum of pleasure.

As soon as you dip your spoon in the skyr mousse, close your eyes and ear the typical crackling sound of successful foaming to enjoy a sensory experience!

Want to know the secret of the clean label skyr mousse and obtain the recipe, contact us.


In our webinar we show other applications where Promilk® B Max can reveal his outstanding texturizing powers from airy foaming texture to firm, breakable and non sticky texture.

Watch our webinar in replay to discover the recipes of other food products.



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