Undernourished and elderly people need a high daily intake of proteins. The HAS (Haute Autorité de Santé (French Health Authorities) recommends they increase their daily protein intake by 30 g per day and, if they have sarcopenia, that they consume 1.2 g to 1.5 g protein per kg of body weight and per day.

While a proper protein intake is a good starting point, the diversity and indulgence of available products within a range is essential for consumers’ pleasure and good compliance in the long run.

Having tasty options, from milky to fruity flavors and from ready-to-drink trendy beverages to creamy desserts contributes to increase the attractivity of high-protein products.

In this webinar, you will learn more about our innovations and discover related examples of applications with two of our dairy proteins:

–   Prodiet® Clear, a native whey protein, for high-protein juice-based beverages, opening a greater range of flavors to consumers.

–   Prodiet® Creamy, a micellar casein enabling to formulate up to 14% protein creamy desserts, indulgence included.

Watch replay and discover how Ingredia can help you meet these clinical nutrition demands!

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