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Simplifying manufacturing process and increasing cheese yields: both are necessary for satisfying an expanding market. Cheese is consumed all around the world, and in ever-increasing quantities.

How can we adapt to satisfy our consumers with quality products?

The solution: milks proteins combining with without whey separation technology, patented by Ingredia. Hard cheese, soft cheese, fresh cheese: you can produce all of the products your customers want, thanks to milk proteins specifically adapted for this technological innovation!

The benefits of milk proteins for increasing cheese-making yields

The process without whey separation consists of combining proteins and water at a temperature of 50°C. After heating, add the fermenting agents and rennet, then salt. Then incubate for approximately six hours. This process frees you from the constraints of processing whey or co-products.

The advantage of this process is critical: it allows for a higher production of more quality cheese via an optimized process.

  • The yield is 100%. For every 100 kg of mix, you get 100 kg of finished product. This is much more than with the traditional pressing method, for example, where the yield is only 8 to 13%! This high yield is particularly important in geographical areas where little milk is produced, such as throughout the Asian continent or Middle-East area.
  • With a single production line, you can produce several different types of cheese. You can develop new textures, varied shapes, and recipes that would be impossible to develop in a conventional cheese factory. In turn, you can adapt to local tastes and preferences!
  • The finished product is high-quality, boasting all of the flavor and nutritional richness of milk, thanks to these proteins. Even low-fat cheeses are delicious!

→ Reduce production and investment costs.

→ Create high-quality and innovative finished products.

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Cheese: a growing market

A traditional product in many European countries for centuries, cheese is now crossing borders all around the globe. Many emerging countries, particularly in Asia, are consuming more and more cheese. In China, and more generally from the Middle East to Japan, milk doesn’t play an essential role in the culinary culture, however it’s growing in popularity. The Western way of eating, which embraces snacking and fast food, are taking hold and seducing consumers who increasingly eats, hamburgers, salads… ready-made dishes often featuring cheeses.

This demand is so great that it’s not always easily met, especially with quality products. To position oneself in this sector by featuring cheeses with a rich dairy taste, that are also rich in nutrients and additive-free: this is the latest challenge!

How to meet this dual requirement: increase yields while maintaining quality?

Milk proteins are the key to success, thanks to technology enabling cheese production without whey separation!

Promilk®: differentiating milk proteins

Ingredia offers different milk proteins that work with your goals for producing cheese without whey separation.

All Promilk® proteins help you increase cheese yields, thanks to our technology allowing cheese making without whey separation. Both simplified and optimized, this manufacturing process reduces both production and investment costs. The end result is a diversified, quality product that meets clean label requirements. Cheese that meet the demands of a growing market!

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Promilk® SH20

This micellar casein is the essential ingredient in making cheese without whey separation and is suitable for producing of all types of cheese: hard, soft and fresh cheese.

Easy to rehydrate, its offers heat stability, allowing flexibility in your manufacturing process. In turn, you can adapt to local demand and to the access of available raw materials.

Promilk® Chiz B87

If you’re in the business of making pizza cheese, Promilk® Chiz B87 is a booster improving the spreadability and stretching of your cheese, thanks to its melting properties. No more need for controversial additives, this product is 100% natural...offering consistently high performance!

Promilk® Yogchiz

Increasing protein while decreasing fat: that’s the power of this dairy protein. Its texture is creamy and firm, while its taste is deliciously milky!

Promilk® B-Max

This texture booster adds a lightness to your fresh cheese, and without chemical additives! Fully clean label!

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Our proteins:

Promilk® Yogchiz

Promilk® Chiz B87

Promilk ® SH20

Promilk® B-Max

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