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Individual portions, spreadable cheese, blocks and small slices for burgers, sandwiches and pizzas: consumers like this type of spreadable and processed cheese. Taste, texture and ease of consumption make your products a must-have for daily life.

The differentiating factor for your customer: the product’s composition and transparency. Processed cheese without additives or melting salts is very popular, being as it’s both delicious and healthy.

How does one combine both product naturalness and simultaneously meet expectations of flavor? The solution: milk proteins!

The benefits of milk proteins in processed cheese

Melting salts are emulsifiers that enable a finished product to be homogeneous and stable after being heated. What can replace melting salts? How to preserve this melting process without additives, in a natural way? Consider dairy proteins!

Milk proteins are perfectly adapted to the requirements of clean label recipes. They meet the texture requirements of most processed cheese:

  • firmness of block-type cheese,
  • semi-soft texture of spreadable cheese in tray,
  • spoonable texture of spreadable cheese in individual portions,
  • smoothness of cheese sauce,
  • suppleness of sliced processed cheese,
  • stretching and spreadable grating cheese for pizzas!

The innovations made possible by milk proteins even allow for new textures to be discovered. Do you want to successfully position yourself in the future market with a product like drinkable cheese? It’s possible with Ingredia proteins!

Processed cheese manufacturing is also simplified by the use of proteins. Thanks to these ingredients, it’s possible to develop profitable solutions and reduce your recipe costs, while also improving the nutritional profile of your end product.

  • For your consumers: natural, delicious processed cheese with a high nutritional value,
  • For you: simplified and optimized processes resulting in greater profits!

Trends in the processed and spreadable cheese market

Why is processed cheese enjoying such a wave of success?

First of all, it’s easy to use and cook with, and it adapts fully to new consumer habits. Nowadays, your customers are following two trends that may seem oppositional, but are in fact often aligned:

  • snacking,
  • home cooking.

Sandwiches and salads are popular with consumers because they can be quickly prepared and can be enjoyed at work, on the road, or wherever consumers go. Spreadable, portioned or sliced cheese are well-suited to snacking.

These are also products that we often incorporate into burgers, croque-monsieurs and pizzas. Whether the dish is commercial or home-made, processed cheese is a must in each of these preparations.

Yet more and more, consumers are checking ingredients before making a purchase. The product must have a “clean label”, which means free of any controversial additives, notably melting salts. The polyphosphate melting salt (E 452) is the subject of controversy. In small doses, it is not harmful to one’s health, but in excess, it can disrupt the assimilation of mineral salts.

As a result, there is a valid health concern encouraging the search for alternatives to these additives.

Promilk®, our outstanding milk proteins for processed cheese

Promilk® B-Max is the perfect milk protein for your processed cheese. Its practical qualities provide a lift for both the product and the cheese making process. And it’s 100% natural!

  • It boosts texture → Cheese is firmer, softer and brighter.
  • It simplifies process→ Manufacturing process is optimized.

Ingredia also offers other ingredients for cheeses made without melting salts:

  • Promilk® Yogchiz, is ideal for achieving both creaminess and firmness in fresh cheeses,
  • Promys Chiz B87, a functionality booster that enriches all types of cheese.

We naturalize all of your industrial processed cheeses… giving them even more flavor while improving your cheese making processes.

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