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Ingredia Functional offers milk proteins for fresh dairy products: clean label ingredients for yoghurt with a multitude of benefits.

The benefits of milk proteins

Our proteins for fresh dairy products play a functional and nutritional role in making yogurt. They can be easily incorporated into various applications, from the food industry to specialized nutrition. Our innovative ingredients for fresh dairy products have many benefits for set yoghurt, stirred yoghurt, Greek yoghurt, drinkable yoghurt, mousse and cream dessert.


Our milk proteins for yoghurt can be used to adjust the texture of your products depending on the application or mode of consumption (on-the-go, gourmet dessert, healthy snack). Our ingredients can be used to obtain a firm texture or a product that is creamy and smooth. They can also enhance the gelling effect to limit syneresis, particularly in set yoghurts.


Our functional ingredients give your dairy products an excellent taste, appreciated by consumers looking for an authentic, gourmet taste.

Improved nutritional profiles

Our proteins for fresh dairy products contribute to your products’ nutritional value. They increase protein content while reducing fat and providing the yoghurt with a good dairy flavor and delicious, creamy texture. Our proteins are both functional and nutritional, giving you a clean label product that meets consumer demands and stands up to market trends.

Optimizing recipe costs

Because our proteins are innovative and provide multiple nutritional and functional benefits, they are excellent tools for optimizing your production budget. They replace some of the more expensive raw ingredients, helping you optimize costs and easily improve the texture, taste and nutritional value of your products.

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Market trends

Several differing, yet related trends can be observed on the market in terms of taste, modes of consumption and nutritional value: healthy food, easy snacks and gourmet products are three major trends on the fresh dairy product market today.

Our ingredients are designed to help you meet new consumer expectations, adapt your products and respond to these new demands.

Health products

The consumer trend towards healthy products is here to stay: consumers are paying more and more attention to nutritional profiles. They give value to products high in protein and low in fat. Ethical consumers demand transparency regarding where ingredients are sourced, actively looking for clean label products made with eco-friendly, 100% dairy ingredients.


Today’s lifestyles push consumers to look for products that are easy to use and can be taken with them, kept a room temperature for a long time or consumed on the go. This is one of the reasons why drinkable yoghurt has been so successful, for example. Dairy product textures and how they are preserved are crucial for meeting the needs of active consumers, many of whom have to eat at work or on the go.

Gourmet products

Consumers demand quality in taste and texture and will not compromise on the organoleptic properties of yoghurt in the interest of ease of use or nutritional value. Products must be both high quality and delicious, with an authentic dairy taste. Fluffy mousses and thick and creamy textures like that of Skyr and Greek yoghurt have met with acclaim. This trend is parallel to the current preferences for local recipes, 100% dairy products, traceability and authenticity.

Unique and functional proteins

Ingredia’s R&D department has developed unique, functional milk proteins with multiple applications for fresh 100% dairy products, helping you respond to market demand and consumer expectations:

  • The Creamy Booster range with PROMILK® 600A, Promilk® Yogfluid,
  • The eco-friendly protein range made from grass-fed, organic milk.

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Our proteins:

Promilk® 600 A for high protein yoghurts

Promilk® Yogfluid for drinkable yoghurts

high protein yoghurt

Promilk® 85A Bio for organic fresh dairy products

Promilk® 852B Via Lacta for eco-responsible products

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