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Oriented in a eco-friendly approach, Ingredia support you by offering dairy ingredients with strict specifications.

Major trends in the eco-friendly market

Consumers have been paying more and more attention to various criteria when food shopping over recent years:

  • animal well-being,
  • sensible agriculture,
  • paying farmers fairly,
  • fighting waste,
  • ecological impact.

The Covid-19 pandemic intensified consumer interest in these issues and even changed their buying patterns. These changes affect milk production and the milk industry.

Type of farming and dairy product sources are becoming more and more important in consumer choices. Consumers want to know where their dairy products come from and what impact farming has on the environment in order to make an informed decision when buying groceries. They also prefer local products.

Consumers want products that are good for their health and that of the planet.

The dairy industry committed to sustainable development

Companies who truly wish to make their clients happy and work for the good of the planet have a CSR policy, Corporate Social Responsibility. According to ISO standard 26000, CSR includes seven major themes, including human rights, working conditions and the environment. The goal is to have a positive impact on society and the planet while remaining financially viable.

At Ingredia, our CSR policy called Via Lacta was launched in 2017. We are particularly proud of this policy, because we were the first dairy cooperative in the industry to apply eco-friendly criteria to our milk collection.

We chose 11 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) made by the United Nations from the September 2015 Sustainable Development Summit.

Via Lacta : our commitment to sustainable dairy production

Our farmers have always used biodiversity-creating traditional farming techniques. Our pastures surrounded by a variety of hedges, embankments and trenches are excellent habitats with natural passageways, mating and feeding areas for many species of animals, including mammals, birds, insects and reptiles. Our milk farming program supports this eco-friendly farming model.

We focus on family farms and help them thanks to high added value milk collections: grass fed cows, organic, goat, colostrum.

Our commitments concern also our soft milk cracking to keep native properties to our dairy ingredients.

We also pay close attention to the impact of our manufacturing tools on the environment, by constantly improving water management, waste management and waste recovery.

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The way in which milk is collected is also very important. This is why we optimize our circuits to reduce CO2 emissions. Finally, we help our farmers with their CSR policies, providing:

  • energy use diagnostics that help them save on operations,
  • a micro-methanizer at the farm.

Find out more about Via Lacta, our CSR.

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Dairy ingredients… connected!

Our milk proteins coming from grass fed cows milk collection rely on strict specifications linked to our CSR, from farms to consumers.

Criteria can be verified in real time thanks to Live Audit’s solution from our partner Connecting Food.

All the date are available for consumers using a dynamic and unique QR code, in full transparency.

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