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Protein-enriched food products are becoming increasingly important in the clinical, sports and dietetic nutrition sectors.

High-protein dessert creams are included in this group of foods. Seeing as protein-enriched cream is a dessert, and thus also considered a treat, it must possess all the gourmet qualities expected by the consumer in terms of both taste and texture. It must also offer the essential nutritional benefits in terms of protein intake. Also, dessert creams must meet the “green” requirements of your customers, who consistently seek more naturalness!

How to reconcile all of this? Milk proteins are THE solution!

The benefits of milk proteins in high-protein creams

Your challenge as a manufacturer of protein-rich creams is to offer a product that is :

  • tasty, with a creamy and pleasant texture,
  • rich in protein,
  • with natural ingredients!

This challenge is met by milk proteins, especially micellar caseins.

  • Texture: casein has emulsifying, thickening, foaming, stabilizing, and moisturizing properties…and it regulates the viscosity and solubility of the product.

→ Dessert cream is smooth, homogeneous, visibly enriched. It has a noticeable fresh taste in the mouth.

  • Taste: casein tastes like milk. That’s it! Chocolate, caramel, fruit, you can use it in all of your recipes.

→ Dessert cream have the authentic flavor of the ingredients used. It’s good…and it’s natural!

  • The contribution of amino acids: casein is rich in leucine, an essential amino acid not produced by the human body, and which promotes muscle-building. It also contains glutamine, which plays an important role in the repair of cartilage and tendons. It should be noted that casein is digested slowly: it is assimilated over time.

→ Consumers who want successfully manage their weight stay satiated for a long time. They are able to lose fat while maintaining their lean muscle mass.

→ Athletes experience more effective muscle recovery between training sessions.

→ The elderly, malnourished and/or ill are able to preserve their muscle mass. Caseins support night-time fasting and sarcopenia despite swallowing problems. Their high-calcium content also prevents osteoporosis.

high creamy dessert with Prodiet

Market trends for high protein dessert creams

Puddings and creamy desserts are part of the dairy dessert category. They are very popular due to their gourmet quality, creaminess, and consistency.

They are healthy products…as long as they are guaranteed to be natural and healthy, which are two qualities sought by consumers: little or no sugar or fat, and a lot of milk. The fewer the ingredients, the more positive the product perception.

High-protein dessert creams are subject to these same trends, however, they must also meet additional nutritional challenges:

  • protein intake for muscle maintenance and malnutrition issues, ease of swallowing for seniors, and overall nutrition,
  • satisfying appetite with a minimum of calories, and preserving lean muscle mass for consumers focused on weight loss,
  • muscle building and maintenance for consumers focused on sports nutrition.

In the food product arena, enriched dessert creams are used in different ways: desserts, meal replacements, snacks…

Note: On-the-go consumption is driving the development of practical packaging and new ways of conservation…while remaining as natural as possible!

Prodiet®, our outstanding milk proteins for pudding and creamy dessert

Prodiet® range is a very high-quality milk proteins range:

Prodiet® Advance is composed of 92% micellar casein (while a standard protein or fresh milk contains 80%).
Highly soluble, it enables the production of dessert creams containing up to 12% protein. The texture is smooth and creamy, and it tastes like milk. This ingredient is used in many recipes – using retort process.
It remains stable through heat sterilization treatments: your products are preserved intact, and maintain all of their nutritional benefits for several months.

Prodiet® Creamy is a micellar casein dedicated to creamy dessert up to 14% protein, made with a UHT process.

With our Prodiet®, you can make:

  • low-calorie, protein-rich creams for the diet sector,
  • enriched creams that treat malnutrition and build muscle strength for the elderly and ill,
  • high-performance dessert creams that promote muscle building and recovery for athletes!

Effective, delicious and natural: Prodiet® provides you with all-around added value.

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