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Of all the products on the market, milk-based protein drinks are the leading product. And for good reason! Thanks to their properties, milk proteins bring flavor, fluidity, naturalness and performance to your high-protein drinks for sports, clinical and dietetic nutrition. Discover their benefits!

The benefits of milk proteins for your high-protein drinks

The sensory qualities of nutritional drinks are a priority. Milk proteins meet this challenge by providing the finished product with texture, taste and appearance…in a natural way.

Ingredia uses micellar caseins for the production of high-protein drinks. These proteins have a very high added value thanks to their optimized casein / soluble protein ratio. Micellar caseins have a very high bioavailable calcium content, making them of great nutritional interest.

In sports nutrition

Micellar caseins assist with post-workout muscle recovery. They are complete proteins possessing all of the necessary amino acids, especially the famous leucine, a branched amino acid essential in muscle building. It should be noted that the human body cannot produce leucine on its own.

Micellar caseins, thanks to their slow digestion, also promote a progressive recovery between workouts.

Lastly, they are rich in glutamine, an amino acid that plays an important role in the repair of cartilage and tendons after intense physical effort.

In dietetic nutrition

Milk proteins help reduce fat while preserving lean muscle mass. Fat melts, but not muscle!

These proteins provide a boost to those wanting to manage their weight. Moreover, since micellar caseins are slowly digested, they offer more satiety and help avoid cravings.

In clinical nutrition

By being digested slowly, micellar caseins offer better protein assimilation, making them an ideal nutritional source for the elderly or ill. Consumed just before bedtime, micellar caseins provide the body with proteins for several hours and as a result, assist with night-time fasting.

Moreover, micellar caseins are very rich in highly bioavailable calcium and can be used in nutritional products for consumers of all ages. They particularly help the elderly maintain bone health.

What about texture? Caseins are excellent emulsifiers, thickeners, foaming agents and moisture providers. They help regulate the viscosity and solubility of beverages. The texture is smooth and fluid. It tastes just like milk.

Trends in the high-protein drink market

Since the early 2010s, the global consumption of high-protein drinks has skyrocketed, surpassing earlier market consumption by bodybuilders… the original high-protein drink fans. Now, athletes and sports enthusiasts of all types enjoy them… and they are not the only ones!

High-protein drinks for weight loss, muscle mass maintenance and bone health preservation in the elderly and sick, and also intensive physical activity support: high-protein drinks have conquered the dietetic, sports and clinical nutrition sectors.

Why? Because these drinks fit right in with the popularity of snacking and on-the-go eating. Easy to carry and easy to consume, they go wherever your consumers go throughout daily life.

Although popular, this type of product needs to hold its weight with consumers. They want performance and easy access, but also demand their food be natural and delicious. Fans of high-protein products in sports nutrition and dietetics tend to lead healthy and active lifestyles and are careful with what they eat. And there is no question they want them to taste great !

The clinical nutrition sector also demands high nutritional quality and taste. For this market, the key above all is fluidity. The more fluid the drink, the easier it is to ingest. You need to offer your customers, including the elderly and the ill, products with a high protein content in a small container.

The challenge: to adapt to all of these needs. Milk proteins are THE solution!

Prodiet® Fluid, our outstanding milk protein for high protein beverages

Prodiet® Fluid is a micellar casein that enables to produce drinks with up to 14% protein. It therefore provides all the nutritional benefits expected by your customers in sports, dietetic and clinical nutrition.

Micellar casein should not be confused with caseinate. Both serve the same protein objectives in high-protein drinks, but their manufacturing process is very different.

Micellar casein is obtained through a soft process: membrane filtration. But not caseinates, which are chemically manufactured. This is the essential differentiating quality of Prodiet® Fluid: its naturalness and its high nutritional value!

Prodiet® Fluid is also distinguished by the texture and taste of the drink. It has a natural taste, and the fluidity of milk! Milk proteins make it possible to produce sugar-free high-protein drinks that are full of flavor.

Lastly, the formula is stable to heat treatments. No need to add stabilizers to the finished product. Talk about simplifying your manufacturing process!

Your high-protein drinks are:

  • healthy and natural
  • high-performance in terms of protein
  • delicious in taste
  • with a fluid texture
  • easy to make!

Whether you are making high-protein drinks for weight management, sports or clinical use, Prodiet® Fluid is the answer to all of your challenges.

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