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Ingredia Functional has developed a high-quality line of proteins for sports nutrition to be used in your athletic nutritional supplements. From preparation to training and recovery, our proteins have unique benefits for the growing market of sports nutrition.

The health benefits of milk proteins in sports nutrition

Diet is extremely important in athletics, both for optimal performance and fast recovery.

Proteins play a key role in sports nutrition because they help build and maintain muscle mass.

Protein intake is essential for athletes, as they degrade their proteins during exertion and need essential amino acids (leucine, valine, isoleucine) to be bioavailable to repair micro tears in muscles during the recovery phase after exertion.

The muscle synthesis process, or the creation and renewal of muscle cells, is activated when proteins are digested and amino acids are released. Serum proteins from milk have a high nutritional value and an appropriate concentration of essential amino acids for amateur and professional athletes.

Our native proteins from high-quality milk meet the nutritional requirements of athletes and may be added to nutritional supplements, drinks and high-protein snack bars.

Our line of proteins for sports nutrition combines:

  • Serum proteins and protein hydrolysates for immediate release of BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) and amino acids that are essential for preparation and training.
  • Native micellar casein for progressive release of amino acids during training and the muscular recovery phase.

Sports nutrition, a growing market

The nutritional needs of athletes are being studied in greater and greater depth. In all disciplines, diet is an essential component in the quest for performance and preparation for competition. Sports nutrition strategies are used to meet the specific needs of professionals and amateurs in each sport, with different intake levels depending on the sport’s requirements and the athlete’s goals:

  • Strengthening and increasing muscle mass for weightlifters,
  • Optimal recovery after exertion in endurance sports,
  • Staying in shape, weight control and health benefits in casual or amateur athletes.

The sports nutrition market is also remarkable for its increased popularity. Once essentially reserved for professional or very high-level athletes, nutritional supplements and protein-enriched foods are now available to the wider public that believes in an active and healthy lifestyle.

The market has now opened to amateur athletes, mass consumers of running, fitness, crossfit, hiit, cycling, Nordic walking, aerobic kickboxing and other trending workouts. The success of these workouts reveals a shift in lifestyles and consumption patterns.

The sports nutrition products that you develop must meet the new expectations of these consumers, which have grown both in number and the extent of their demands. Amateur athletes now look for on-the-go products in sports nutrition product lines that have a high nutritional value and taste like delicious, real food.

Our unique nutritional  milk proteins for sports nutrition

With sports nutrition proteins that have multiple nutritional benefits, Ingredia Functional is your perfect partner for creating complete product lines for athletes. Explore our three innovative lines of milk proteins with a variety of applications in puddings, protein drinks, powdered drinks and high-protein bars.

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Prodiet® is a range of innovative milk proteins for puddings, beverages and bars rich in protein:

  • combining taste and texture in puddings and creamy desserts,
  • limiting viscosity in beverages,
  • and enabling high protein soft bars.

Native micellar casein, with gradual digestibility, allows a slow amino acid release for an ideal recovery.

  • Prodiet® Advance, a protein that is easy to use and combines texture and taste for puddings rich in protein: native micellar casein rich in BCAAs with a positive impact on muscle building,
  • Prodiet® Fluid, a highly functional protein that limits viscosity in protein drinks: native micellar casein rich in BCAAs, effective for muscle building and recovery after exertion,
  • Prodiet® Bar, a complete solution of soft, high-protein bars: slow and quick-release native milk proteins for muscle building and recovery.

Our milk proteins are rich in casein with 92% micellar casein and 8% whey protein.

  • excellent amico acids profile,
  • rich in bioavailable calcium.

Ideal proteins for muscle building and recovery thanks to slow amino acids release of native micellar caseins.

Find out more about Prodiet® 85 B et Prodiet® 87 B:

  • stable and heat-resistant,
  • rich in BCAA and particularly in leucine,
  • low and gradual digestibility,
  • ideal nutritional profile for muscle building and recovery during sleep.

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Milk proteins with fast amino acids release, for tasty shakes.

• Prodiet® 80 S, native serum protein concentrate: soluble, non-denatured proteins from fresh milk, rich in leucine (BCAA),

• Prodiet® 90 S, native serum protein isolate: native serum proteins with slow-release amino acids, excellent for muscle building, improving athletic performance, quick recovery.

Milk proteins with same ratio as milk: 80% micellar casein and 20% whey protein.

  • good solubility of the protein, available in organic origin,
  • for high protein beverages or shakes.

Find out more about Prodiet® 85 Lactose free to develop lactose free products.

A range of hydrolysates coming from whey proteins with an optimized molecular weight profile,
rich in BCAAs including leucine to trigger and boost muscle synthesis,
for a faster protein digestibility than micellar caseins.

Our proteins:

Prodiet® Advance

Prodiet® Fluid

Prodiet® Bar

Prodiet® Creamy

Prodiet® 85 Lactose free

Prodiet® 90S

Prodiet® 85B

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