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Nutrition plays an essential role in quality of life for people with chronic illnesses, whether or not they are related to ageing. Milk proteins, which are rich in calcium and bioavailable amino acids, have a variety of advantages for the clinical nutrition market.

Ingredia Functional, an expert in milk proteins, develops specific dairy ingredients for this sector with unique nutritional and functional properties that are 100% coming from fresh milk. You can use these ingredients to make protein-rich products for your customers.

The health benefits of milk proteins for the ill and elderly

Because they are rich in essential amino acids and calcium, milk proteins are valuable allies in preventing malnutrition and sarcopenia for the elderly and patients with chronic illnesses.

Proteins extracted from milk can be used to develop protein-rich and nutritional finished products. The goal is to meet the specific needs of seniors and people weakened by illness and prevent loss of muscle mass in this at-risk group. We remind you that consuming proteins does not mean consuming calories. Seniors, for example, are often at risk for diabetes. Careful attention must be paid to blood sugar in their nutrition.
Find out more our protein for lactose-free product: Prodiet® 85 Lactose Free.

All of these products are appropriate for clinical nutrition for seniors.

We have three different kinds of milk proteins for clinical nutrition:

  • whey proteins, which are easily digestible and quickly absorbed by the body,
  • micellar caseins, which are digested slowly and absorbed more progressively, preserving muscle and bone mass on the long term
  • total milk proteins, which combine both elements.

Market trends in clinical nutrition

The medical field now knows how vital a role specific nutritional needs play in managing illness and recovery. Clinical nutrition products aid the elderly and people suffering from long-term illnesses, preserving quality of life and supporting vital functions.

The ageing population creates new challenges for clinical nutrition. According to the United Nations, one in six people will be aged over 65 by 2050, compared to one in eleven in 2019.

Ageing well depends on several factors, one of the most important of which is nutrition.

Products adapted to seniors help them maintain sufficient protein and calorie intake. Milk proteins are a valuable tool in the quest for a healthy way of life that increases both life expectancy and independence later in life. They also play an essential role in facilities like nursing homes, where they can be used as part of a complete snack to combat nocturnal fasting.

Clinical nutrition is also used for chronically ill patients, whether they are hospitalised or at home. These patients have specific problems: loss of taste during chemotherapy, difficulty in consuming even small quantities of food, etc. Custom solutions must therefore be developed for the well-being and nutrition of these patients. These may include ingredients with a high concentration of protein in very small doses. Special attention must also be paid to the texture and fluidity of these products.

Our nutritional milk proteins

Our nutritional proteins coming from milk have properties that meet the needs of elderly consumers or those suffering from chronic illness. They also have unique functional properties (taste, solubility, stability) this means they can be used in a wide variety of clinical applications.

  • high-protein drinks,
  • shake powders,
  • high-protein puddings.

Prodiet® is a specific range of milk proteins with multiple nutritional benefits for the clinical nutrition sector.

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Prodiet® is a range of innovative milk proteins for puddings, beverages and bars rich in protein:

  • combining taste and texture in puddings and creamy desserts,
  • limiting viscosity in beverages,
  • and enabling high protein soft bars.

Native micellar casein, with gradual digestibility, allows a slow amino acid release for an ideal muscle preservation.

  • Prodiet® Creamy, an innovatice micellar casein dedicated to formulate high protein creamy dessert,
  • Prodiet® Advance, a protein that is easy to use and combines texture and taste for puddings rich in protein: native micellar casein rich in BCAAs with a positive impact on muscle preservation,
  • Prodiet® Fluid, a highly functional protein that limits viscosity in protein drinks: native micellar casein rich in BCAAs, effective for muscle preservation.

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Our milk proteins are rich in casein with 92% micellar casein and 8% whey protein.

  • excellent amico acids profile,
  • rich in bioavailable calcium.

Ideal proteins for muscle preservation thanks to slow amino acids release of native micellar caseins.

Find out more about Prodiet® 85 B et Prodiet® 87 B:

  • stable and heat-resistant,
  • rich in BCAA and particularly in leucine,
  • low and gradual digestibility,
  • ideal nutritional profile for muscle preservation.

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Milk proteins with same ratio as milk: 80% micellar casein and 20% whey protein.

  • good solubility of the protein, available in organic origin,
  • for high protein beverages or shakes.

Find out more about Prodiet® 85 Lactose free to develop lactose free products.

Milk proteins with fast amino acids release, for tasty shakes.

  • Prodiet® 80 S, native serum protein concentrate: soluble, non-denatured proteins from fresh milk, rich in leucine (BCAA),
  • Prodiet® 90 S,native serum protein isolate: native serum proteins with slow-release amino acids, excellent for muscle preservation.

A range of hydrolysates coming from whey proteins with an optimized molecular weight profile:

  • rich in BCAAs including leucine to trigger and boost muscle synthesis,
  • for a faster protein digestibility than micellar caseins.

Our proteins:

Prodiet® Creamy

Prodiet® Advance

Prodiet® Fluid

Prodiet® 90

Prodiet® 85 Lactose free

Prodiet® 85B

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