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Ingredia Functional offers  milk protein hydrolysates for infant nutrition*. Our ingredients are rich in proteins with a high nutritional value and strict microbiological quality, designed to meet the nutritional needs of children and infants.

*Wet mix process

The benefits of milk proteins for infant nutrition

Nutrition plays a major role in child development. During early childhood, it is a key component for optimizing the future adult’s health capital.

The WHO (World Health Organization) recommends maternal milk up to 6 months of age for its nutritional value, compatibility with the infant’s undeveloped digestive system and benefits for immunity. It is therefore important to develop specific, quality products for infants that are not breastfed that have a precise protein content and essential amino acids for growth. These products also facilitate digestion and balance the intestinal tract.

Milk proteins extracted using the latest technology, which preserves stability, can be used to make specific formulas for pediatric nutrition, with amino acid content specifically dosed according to the age of the infant. Used in baby formula for infants, follow-on formula, growing-up milk and children’s first dairy desserts, they facilitate growth, cognitive development, immunity and digestive health.

*Wet mix process

Child and infant nutrition: market trends and challenges


Because the pediatric and infant nutrition market targets a vulnerable group, it is one of the strictest in terms of food safety. Ingredients in preparations for infants are subject to strict traceability requirements. They must be of the highest quality and comply with the health and regulatory requirements that apply to early childhood nutrition.


Digestive discomfort is a key issue for parents of infants. Symptoms can cause distress in the young child, affecting their sleep, time spent crying, stools and regularity of their diet. Frequent spit-up is one of the indications of digestive discomfort in newborns. Digestive issues in newborns are one of the most common reasons for seeing a pediatrician, pushing parents and doctors to seek out the best-tolerated baby formulas. This means that digestibility of milk proteins and decreasing spit-up are crucial issues for infant nutrition formulations.


Proteins designed for pediatric nutrition must also be highly functional. Parent consumers expect powdered baby formula to dissolve quickly, both for ease of use and the infant’s comfort. The milk proteins used in powdered products and instant beverages must adapt to these demands.

Rich nutritional value

The health benefits of nutritional products for children are all the more important as the current trend is to place greater value on mother’s milk. Healthcare professionals and parents alike expect formula with an excellent nutritional value that benefits growth, development and immunity. Your products must include proteins and essential amino acids that are highly bioavailable.

*Wet mix process

Unique and functional hydrolysates for infant nutrition

At Ingredia Functional, we put our milk cracking expertise at the service of the child and infant nutrition market through a range of hydrolysates adapted to this market’s requirements. Their unique nutritional and functional value make our hydrolysates optimal ingredients for your infant nutrition solutions.

Our PRODIET® range is composed of:
Milk protein hydrolysates from native micellar casein, adapted to powered products or beverages, very rich in amino acids that are quickly available for the body, and native whey protein hydrolysates adapted to powdered products.

Our isolates for infant nutrition are obtained using a wet mix precess. Our PRODIET® has a dry matter protein concentration of 79%.

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