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Natural milk proteins are choice ingredients for healthy products. We offer ingredients with an excellent nutritional value for the dietetic nutrition market. They are easy to use in various applications with multiple nutritional benefits for consumers seeking to control their weight.

The benefits of milk proteins

Native milk protein isolates are complete proteins, rich in all essential amino acids and easily digestible. They contribute to muscle growth and regulate blood sugar.

Milk proteins have a satiating effect: native micellar caseins are digested progressively, keeping you full longer. This makes them very attractive ingredients for dietetic nutrition.

Milk proteins are useful for weight management, fitness and weight maintenance because:

  • They contribute to feeling full,
  • They stimulate the metabolism,
  • They limit loss of muscle mass.

Milk proteins have both nutritional and functional benefits for making healthy, delicious and satisfying snacks.

Micellar casein is appropriate for all ages with its high bioavailable calcium content and rich concentration of slow-release amino acids. Its nutritional benefits meet the needs of adolescents, active men and women and overweight people.

Market trends

The dietetic nutrition market is carried by the ever-growing consumer trend towards on-the-go, healthy products for an active lifestyle and overall health. Nutritional balance is essential for consumers seeking a healthy lifestyle.

Dietetic products formulated with milk proteins are sought after for their essential protein content and benefits for weight management or maintenance. Consuming these proteins is often part of a healthy lifestyle that combines balanced nutrition and physical activity. Consumers have left behind strict, low-calorie diets in favour of an active lifestyle: working out at the gym, running and online fitness are part of the daily routines of people who want to stay in shape or manage their weight.

Dietetic nutrition is now for everyone. Products that were once reserved for high-level athletes or used for weight control are now part of the daily lives of many consumers: puddings and protein drinks, bars and snacks chosen for their essential protein, amino acid and micronutrient content.

In short, today’s trend is towards active nutrition: consumers no longer seek to starve the body, but rather to nourish it with products that have multiple nutritional benefits.

As dietetic nutrition becomes available to the general public, the market is also subject to new consumer expectations: organoleptic properties are now just as important as convenience and nutritional value. Consumers want on-the-go, balanced nutrition that tastes great and keeps them feeling full!

Unique and nutritional milk proteins

Experts in innovation, Ingredia offers unique and nutritional milk proteins and support you as you develop your offer on the dietetic nutrition market.

We offer three lines of milk proteins with multiple nutritional benefits for dietetic nutrition, designed for the food industry:

Prodiet® is a range of innovative milk proteins for puddings, beverages and bars rich in protein:

  • combining taste and texture in puddings and creamy desserts,
  • limiting viscosity in beverages,
  • and enabling high protein soft bars.

Native micellar casein, with gradual digestibility, allows a slow amino acid release for an ideal recovery.

  • Prodiet® Advance, a protein that is easy to use and combines texture and taste for puddings rich in protein: native micellar casein rich in BCAAs with a positive impact on muscle building,
  • Prodiet® Fluid, a highly functional protein that limits viscosity in protein drinks: native micellar casein rich in BCAAs, effective for muscle building and recovery after exertion,
  • Prodiet® Bar, a complete solution of soft, high-protein bars: slow and quick-release native milk proteins for muscle building and recovery.

Our milk proteins are rich in casein with 92% micellar casein and 8% whey protein.

  • excellent amico acids profile,
  • rich in bioavailable calcium.

Ideal proteins for muscle building and recovery thanks to slow amino acids release of native micellar caseins.

Find out more about Prodiet® 85 B et Prodiet® 87 B:

  • stable and heat-resistant,
  • rich in BCAA and particularly in leucine,
  • low and gradual digestibility,
  • ideal nutritional profile for muscle building and recovery during sleep.

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Milk proteins with fast amino acids release, for tasty shakes.

  • Prodiet® 80 S, native serum protein concentrate: soluble, non-denatured proteins from fresh milk, rich in leucine (BCAA),
  • Prodiet® 90 S,native serum protein isolate: native serum proteins with slow-release amino acids, excellent for muscle building, improving athletic performance, quick recovery.

Milk proteins with same ratio as milk: 80% micellar casein and 20% whey protein.

  • good solubility of the protein, available in organic origin,
  • for high protein beverages or shakes.

Find out more about Prodiet® 85 Lactose free to develop lactose free products.

Our proteins:

Prodiet® Advance

Prodiet® Fluid

Prodiet® Bar

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