Halloumi is the only cheese that doesn’t melt when cooked! It can be baked, grilled or fried without losing its shape. You can serve it fresh in a salad, barbecued or broiled, or fried as a dip.
Halloumi is associated with several health benefits with a very good nutritional profile. It is a high source of protein (22% protein per 100 g) and calcium (850 mg per 100 g more than most cheeses), important for bone health.

Labneh is a spreadable fresh cheese traditionally made from goat’s milk and then cow’s milk, by draining the raw milk spontaneously fermented by the mesophilic lactic acid bacteria in the milk and filtered to remove the whey. The texture is thick, creamy and unctuous. The taste is fresh and tangy. Labneh is also healthy with about half the fat and calories of standard cream cheese (10g fat per 100g).
There are 2 types of Labneh Fresh Labneh and Stabilized or Turkish Labneh to keep it longer.


Our high added value milk proteins Promilk® SH20 and Promilk® BMax

Our proteins meet the requirements of whey-free technology and make it easy to produce fresh labneh, stabilized labneh and halloumi type.

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